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Welcome to the Research Institute Handu AB,    EST 1995

Swedish Research Institute for Disability Policy, Handu AB, is a research institute representing a high standard. Handu works with recognized methods and our basic principles are to provide and obtain objective data. All surveys are designed according to the specific needs of our clients.

Handu provide a wide range of research services within data collection and analysis both in general professional terms but also in specific knowledge about persons with disabilities. Handu is using methods as for example personal-, telephone- or sign language fieldwork, qualitative marketing research, social and opinion research, Internet research, data processing, statistical analysis etceteras. Handu puts great emphasis on continued development in the field of methodology how to reach all people according to their very specific conditions. The Institute works with experience derived from people with solid knowledge of issues pertaining to disabilities. Its findings form a reliable basis for decisions taken by municipal county councils and state agencies as well as by private companies. The research institute Handu started in 1995 and has been working both with general research disability issues in order to provide the society with information about people with disabilities living conditions in a “hard fact-way” and make visible that this group is a resource when decisions are taken.

Our customers are public authorities as well as commercial companies, non profit organisations and study associations.

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Telephone: +46 (0)70 810 48 28

Utredningsintitutet Handu AB
Irene J. Westerlund
Torstenssonsgatan 15
SE-114 56 Stockholm/Sweden


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